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Smart Chef

Tips For Getting Started

Begin With Market Research

Before you start planning your restaurant’s menu, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with your competition. Spend some time looking into other local restaurants that offer the same cuisine. Check what menu items they have available and which special offers draw in customers. It’s essential to look at their menu prices as well so that you can provide competitive dining.

Additionally, creating a memorable menu concept is all about knowing your target customers. Knowing your ideal demographic can help you get a leg up on the competition. Your restaurant menu should cater to your desired clientele and offer menu items you know they’ll love at a price they can afford!

Pick a Cuisine Type That You’ll Be Known for

Generally, the most successful restaurants focus on perfecting one cuisine type. They find their theme, for example, Italian, Mexican, street food, French dining, etc., and work hard to impress with their dishes. Given the focus, they have the resources to hire outstanding chefs, create amazing dishes, and really stand out to diners.

In contrast, those that spread themselves thin and try to tackle too many cuisine types at once often end up falling short of impressing. There’s a fine line to consider here - where do you want your establishment to sit?

Other considerations include market saturation of the cuisine type you hope to offer. How do you plan to differentiate yourself in the market if there are already a few competitors serving it up? What is your USP?

Set Yourself Apart With Amazing Signature Dishes

The restaurant industry is competitive. So it’s vital to have a unique menu item that sets your establishment apart from the competition. A specialty drink or food item can help build your brand and keep customers coming back.

For example, a bistro may offer a specialty sandwich or coffee blend that is unique to their restaurant. This will bring in customers who want something that no one else offers! source:

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