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Ration Limited Food Products, Schedule a Day Off and Create a Seasonal Menu

6. Ration Limited Food Products

Capping consumer purchases isn’t the only way to ensure supplies reach more people. Alternatively, businesses can strategically ration out supplies. For example, ingredients consumed within a week can last longer with portion control. Make sure to measure toppings, such as cheese on ensaymada or sugar glaze on donuts, with utmost precision to spread out usage over an extended period. Funnelling efforts towards marketing and promoting “sleeper products” should take priority. Low on french fries? Turn to onion rings, fried pickles, or battered veggies instead.


7. Schedule a Day Off

It’s unorthodox to take full days off from operations. This setup is especially true when running a food establishment. However, as more goods become scarce and supply drastically decreases, stores and restaurants can quietly shorten operation hours. Extend food inventory by opening an hour late or closing early. Additionally, half-day operations on Mondays or low days can work to your advantage. Use the time to rest and check on your game plan.  


8. Create a Seasonal Menu

Give your customers new dishes to look forward to by creating a seasonal menu. Take advantage of supplies that are in abundance during certain months while allowing manufacturers enough time to replenish goods that they struggle to produce.


Turn to vegetarian offerings during Lent, offer duck, turkey, or rabbit during the holidays, and give the usual chicken and pork a rest. Introduce these new flavors and watch your customers excitedly anticipate what your next menu items will include.


Supply constraints are troublesome for many industries. For those in the food business, the inability to provide customers with specific food items can result in a drastic loss of sales. Instead of panicking, plan multiple solutions, establish a system, and manage your food inventory accurately.


Prepare for every possible scenario to ensure your food production inventory remains safeguarded. The sooner you accept that food shortages will carry on for months, the better you can strategize.

We hope these food inventory tips have given you some food for thought about how to handle shortages and supply issues in the future. Our role is to help support you and provide a little inspiration when you need it. Source:

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