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Smart Chef

Essential Considerations

Is the Menu Length Right?

Certain expectations around menu length and dish information come with specific restaurant types.

For example, diners who go to fast-food restaurants with relaxed atmospheres may prefer a shorter menu with simple descriptions. After all, their purpose is to grab food and go - not spend ages pouring over complicated menus.

Alternatively, high-end dining is a more leisurely experience. So, fine dining establishments can offer menus with lengthier dish descriptions. They can include information on how the food is prepared and where the ingredients were sourced.

Is the Design Easy-to-read?

Your menu design is just as important as what you offer customers. Make sure to have a spacious layout without crowding your menu pages.

You should also ensure that the font is big enough to read and that your customers are given everything they need to know in one place.

Have You Considered Seasonal Offerings?

Seasonal menus are getting a great deal of attention these days, both with diners and restaurateurs.

Going seasonal and marketing your venue as such can help you build exciting signature dishes unique to your establishment. This helps to market your restaurant and create a sense of exclusivity. You can keep your regular customers interested by having a changing menu that uses only the freshest local ingredients.

Using seasonal produce also helps reduce food costs as supply is plentiful during harvest. You can increase your profit margin since you’ll be using affordable, easy-to-source ingredients that are always available.

Does a Tasting Menu Fit Your Theme?

Another menu type getting a lot of traction is a tasting menu. Especially if you’re launching a new restaurant, this sort of menu can be a great way to steer diners to your signature dishes for sampling. It uses seasonal ingredients that are easy to come by and generally provides excellent value for money.

Of course, there’s a draw card in there for diners too. As the menu price is fixed, they know how much their meal will cost them right away.

Consider it a bonus if you can add to the experience by including an optional wine or alcohol pairing. source:

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