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Cost-Cutting Strategy For Other Operational Issues

Now, let’s look at cost reduction strategies in restaurants that don’t involve food or labor.

14. Optimize energy usage

You can do small things to reduce energy usage that don’t take long and require no extra effort on your part. For example, soak dishes before washing them and only run the dishwasher when it’s full. When it’s nice outside, open the windows and shut down the AC to save energy. Replace all bulbs with energy-efficient ones and consider buying energy-efficient appliances. Things like these can make a difference.


15. Take advantage of free marketing

Promoting your restaurant doesn’t have to make a hole in your budget. There are a ton of free or almost free marketing ideas for restaurants that you can use. For instance, our blog contains an entire library of articles that can teach you how to market your restaurant without spending a fortune.


16. Consider buying used appliances and equipment

Buying used is one of the best cost reduction strategies in restaurants. Not all appliances have to be new. Save money and become more environmentally friendly by hunting great deals. You may find some from restaurants and other foodservice businesses that have closed down and are looking to sell their barely-used appliances. You can also buy second-hand furniture like tables and chairs.


17. Lock up expensive alcohol

Employee theft is a reality that you need to be aware of. Most often, what gets stolen is expensive liquor. It’s best if you keep it locked up to avoid this happening. Keep the key yourself or give it to the manager for safekeeping.


18. Go easy on the freebies

Restaurant freebies are great, sure. But some are just useless and wasteful. For example, bulk dispensers are preferable to wrapped straws and individually wrapped salt and pepper packets. For delivery, don’t just throw in many napkins and extra salt and pepper packets unless the customer specifically requests them. Encourage restaurant clients to be environmentally conscious and take just one napkin. This will also be profitable for you.


19. Reduce paper use by going digital as much as possible

Organizing your kitchen, inventory, and finances digitally will make your job so much easier. Not just that, but it will also reduce costs on file folders, reams of paper, and so on. Keeping digital files of everything and backing them up regularly will reduce costs and increase peace of mind.




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