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Smart Chef

Additional Must-Have Menu Information

Restaurant History and Chef Biography

When eating out, diners’ interest doesn’t begin and end with the food. There’s the social and experiential side of the occasion to consider too. A good way to engage your patrons and bring them closer to your venue is to weave the story of how your restaurant came to be.

Include a write-up of its history on the menu, alongside a biography of the chef and owners.  

Links to Social Media

Social media can play a big part in marketing your restaurant. Chances are your diners will take to social media at some point to share a bit of their experience. Whether they add photos to Instagram, check-in on Facebook, or set the scene on TikTok, you want to be there to get proof of that moment.

In that sense, it pays to include your social media links on your menu. This way, diners can easily tag your restaurant and show their social proof to the world. Having a link to your social media accounts lets your guests interact with your business long after they’ve left your establishment.

You can also use social media platforms to post your online menu or alert your customers of special events that are coming up.

QR Code To Your Private Event Form

If you plan on hosting private events at your venue, placing a QR code on your menu that links to your contact form can be a great upsell. It makes it simple for the diner to submit an event inquiry while seated and having a great time at your restaurant.



A menu is so much more than a list of restaurant offerings. Instead, it’s a sales tool and a way to engage with your customers. Putting the perfect menu together can be tricky, but with our restaurant menu planning checklist, you’ll be a menu planning pro in no time! source:

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