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We did not think things could get much worse than 2021, but it seems the issues of 2021 will carry over into 2022.  We have experienced increases in costs of most raw materials.  

Some ingredients have doubled and, in some cases, tripled in price.  Many companies have enforced allocations on raw materials.  Increases are the result of several factors.  Drought and other weather phenomena, labor shortages, labor cost increases, and shipping costs, increase in fuel costs, have all contributed to the increases as well as production delays and shortages due to higher than normal demands across the industry.  In addition, packaging costs, including plastics, and corrugated have all increased due to the same issues.  Some of these items, including both raw materials and packaging, are in such short supply, 

However, we persist and become more resourceful in order to find similar products as substitutes. 

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