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  1. What is your favorite dine-in restaurant?
    • Applebees, Chilis, or similar
    • local diner or pub
    • this great Thai or Indian or Japanese place I know
    • an avant garde place with a changing menu an excellent wine selection
    • a celebrity chef restaurant
  2. How many spices do you own?
    • umm.. do salt and pepper count?
    • a few, such as maybe... garlic, parsley, oregano, nutmeg
    • a spice rack with all the standard stuff
    • my spice collection includes exotic spices like cardamom, white pepper, achiote, and chinese five spice
    • Talk to me about pasta sauce.
      • Whatever jar is on sale at the store
      • I get the premium stuff from the store
      • I start with a jar, but I doctor it up with my own enhancements
      • My pasta sauce is made from scratch
      • When you watch competitive food shows, you...
        • are amazed at the dishes prepared
        • imagine yourself competing
        • actually create dishes in your head that you would've prepared
        • huh? I don't watch those shows

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